About to launch your startup and have no clue about what to do? Have an existing business with a negative sales trend? Each week, for 24 weeks, we give you access to professionally designed marketing tasks that will get you further.

Real marketing

An authentic and proper marketing plan balanced in 24 weeks. Meaningful tasks that can actually be met and fit in your busy schedule, 60 to 120 minutes per week.

Business owners and marketing resources alike often have no plan or knowledge. They search the web for advice and erratically make marketing with poor or untraceable results.

Straighten up

Already have a marketing plan?

The first weeks will bring even the most advanced plan on the right track by setting up the relevant metrics and acquiring basic knowledge for performance tracking.

Have an extra time to spare? Enjoy our premium marketing content and learn even more.

Don't let your sales be driven by luck.

Marketing requires a plan, discipline and knowledge.

  • No budget required
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Exclusive partners freebies
  • Premium content
  • Access to forums
  • Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla friendly


Save time

The plan has been crafted by marketing experts, it includes the important details and is regularly updated.

Focus on your customers. No more web searches, find all the content in one structured place.

Save money

Marketing is not all about paid advertising. Much of the work is done in-house, by you or a freelancer.

Get to know the metrics and optimize your spendings. Take advantage of freebies and hand-picked offers.

We track you

Refund guaranteed if your website shows no progress during the plan, your Alexa rank is recorded upon signup.



Google ‘marketing plan’ and come back when you are tired.