12 simple ways to produce content

In this article, we will cover 7 ways to produce content for your web marketing plan.

1. Articles

One of the most popular and simplest method to generate content is through articles. It’s an easy way to provide useful information to potential customers and become a reference in your domain.

Articles with very niched subject, to-do list and “best ways to” are easy to do and are often those who get shared the most.

Technical articles are more time-consuming to do but tend to be more authoritative and they last longer.


2. Forum

User-generated content is just great because once started, it will only require little administration on your end. Don’t be fooled, starting a forum can be time consuming and require some guaranteed users to launch. This type of content tends to be very up to date and follows the trends.


3. Blog

This is a great place to share news about your business, insights and point of views. Blogs can be the gateway of your website if they are interesting.


4. Press Release

An official press release with PRWeb.com has the benefit of inspiring trust and drawing attention. Because of the cost involved (99$ to 369$ USD), the news outlet that will receive your PR is more likely to read it because it’s certified not be spam. You’ll get a good chance of being published that way.


5. Email Newsletter

Passively or actively gathering the emails of your visitors is a great way to build yourself an audience. You can simply make a newsletter signup available or literally offer something in exchange of the signup (premium access, coupon, etc.).

After you’ve build a strong list, you can exploit it and send content through it along with a few promotions. Take a look at MailChimp.com, they make it easy to gather emails and create content for emails.


6. Recycling to multimedia

Recycling your old articles to multimedia material is extremely beneficial. You can hire some freelancers to transfer an article into a graphic flyer or even produce a small video about it. When you have the content in writing, it’s easy to transfer it into another medium and reach a whole new segment of your targeted audience that might not be reading articles.


7. Archives

Make your articles and your news feed available in the form of an archive. This is an easy and convenient way to free disk space while not loosing any content.


8. Curation

You are an expert in your own field, why not provide a list of curated content on a specific subject. A commented curated list can draw an amazing amount of traffic because it will save you user time.


9. Interviews

Conduct an interview in the form of an article or a video. It will be easy to find a person willing to do it because of the cross-advertising opportunity it represents.


10. Guest write

Have a prominent writer make a guest posting on our website or go on his website to make a guest posting. It’s also a great opportunity to exchange backlinks.


11. Testimonies/Reviews

Testimonies and reviews are quite useful and they generate content. It is better to have genuine and technical reviews on your product rather than fake and subjective testimonies. Think about what will help your customer.

Testimonies and reviews can be hosted on your website or a partners website.


12. Case studies

Publish a case study about your business or one of your product. People just love to hear about behind-the-door stories and your inside information.


If you have more question about ways to create content, feel free to contact our team.