ID and rank competitors

Task Progress:

List 4 competitors in the table using Anchor Characteristics. Each competitor listed should have most if not all characteristics in common with your business.

Searching for competitors is pretty intuitive but there are some major guidelines to follow, here are the tools we recommend:

  • Alexa Rank

The easiest way to evaluate a competitor importance and relevancy toward your business is by comparing the Alexa Rank (get a reminder of Alexa Rank). Once you have a fair list of competitors, you should be keeping only those with the closest Alexa Rank to yours. It’s not useful to fight competitors that have an Alexa rank of 100 000 while yours is 10 000 000, they are too strong. Read our premium Alexa Rank article to get a sense of the rank to traffic conversion.

  • Search Engine
    • Google, Bing, Yahoo

Different search engine tends to bring different search results! That becomes especially true on pages after the first one. Advertisement located at the top are also very useful to get a sense of the publicity your competitors are doing. Read our premium Search Engine article for special search methods.

Unless you are very niched, you should find plenty of information in the search engine and repertories.